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* Limited Time Offer from April 2, 2014 0:00 GMT to April 30, 2014 23:59 GMT. If you purchase a one month membership you will receive a one month bonus membership gift code redeemable at to give to a friend. Accounts who have had a membership in the last 60 days cannot redeem the bonus code. Bonus gift code will be provided in an email following the purchase receipt. The Club Penguin bonus membership gift code expires on May 31, 2014.

All memberships automatically renew unless canceled. *GST/HST and QST included, where applicable. Prices subject to change.

Membership Benefits

Personalize a Penguin

Members can:

  • Dress up and express their unique styles
  • Shop for new items in different catalogs every month
  • Get the latest fashions, accessories and sport styles
  • Collect rare and exclusive party items

New Experiences Weekly

Members can:

  • Discover all new experiences every week
  • Challenge the latest quests and puzzles
  • Get new and rare items
  • Earn special Stamps to impress friends

Collect Pet Puffles

Members can:

  • Collect 13 kinds of puffles with unique personalities
  • Adopt up to 40 pets to care for and walk around the island
  • Personalize puffles with the latest pet hats and accessories
  • Take puffles into special games to help earn coins and points

Create Unlimited Igloos

Members can:

  • Express their creativity with countless igloo combinations
  • Shop for the latest igloo designs, furniture and music every month
  • Customize, save, and show their perfect homes to friends
  • Make one-of-a-kind igloos that others can visit and "Like"

Club Penguin App Exclusives

Members can:

  • Combine clothing items to trigger exclusive dance moves, pizza-tossing and more
  • Customize a unique igloo with unlimited furniture items
  • Shop for more styles, igloos and furniture in the Club Penguin App Catalog.
  • Adopt up to 40 pet puffles
  • Access their member exclusive items from

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